Crane and Tower Tree Removal

King Kong Tree Services specialise in tower tree removal with the use of our top-quality crane. These use of a crane can cut down on time, substantially reducing costs. Our crane allows for easy removal of large branches and timber and causes minimal disruption to the surroundings. 

Reasons to Use a Crane

Not all tree removal tasks will require the use of a crane. However, in some instances, it can make a lot of sense in terms of finances and ongoing disruption to opt for a crane rather than to complete the task by hand. Below, we go through the most pertinent reasons to make use of a crane.

  • Cranes Can Access Hard To Reach Trees with Ease
  • Certain Trees Can Be Very Risky to Remove by Hand
  • A Crane Allows Debris To Be Removed More Easily
  • In some instances, it can reduce the risk of trees falling on your property.

Our Crane Tree Removal Process

Our process is designed to be as safe and efficient as possible. We make the best possible use of our crane to minimise debris and complete the job in the safest manner possible. All of our removals follow a thorough inspection and very strict guidelines.


Firstly, we make sure to properly assess the tree to be removed. Our team of professionals use their tools and expertise to gauge the tree, have a look at the impact of the surrounding area and create a strategy to remove the tree with our crane.

Crane Placement

Then, we find the best possible area to place the crane. The priority is always on minimising disruption, and ensuring the process is kept as safe as possible. Once the crane is in position, it gets stabilized. The tree cutter is then lifted into place, and the cutting process begins.


Finally, the cutting of the tree is always done in a precise and methodical manner. This saves a lot of time compared to manual methods, and it’s also more cost-effective. We are professionals in crane tree removal, and we are available throughout the Central Coast and Hunter region of NSW.

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