Stump Grinding

Once a tree dies, the most difficult part to remove is the stump. The complexity of stump removal can depend on how old the tree was when it died. Additionally, a stump can quickly begin to rot, which invites parasites, termites, and other pests onto your property. The removal of a stump has many benefits, such as increasing yard space. Contact King Kong Tree Services for professional stump grinding services.

The Importance of Stump Grinding

Many homeowners choose to forgo stump grinding, as they believe stumps naturally decompose. This may be true to an extent, however, stumps can prove to be a real nuisance both in the short and long-term. Firstly, many homeowners have an incorrect assumption that a stump below ground level poses no problems. They may believe that once it has been buried, it is gone for good. However, this is untrue since many species are able to regrow even when root material has been lost. This makes it crucial to conduct stump grinding to ensure that no root aspects are allowed to regrow. Stumps can also become a safety hazard, and they can cause small children to slip or trip up. The only way to maximise safety in a garden is by ensuring a stump is completely removed. King Kong Tree Services can perform effective stump grinding throughout the Central Coast and Hunter regions of NSW.

tree stump grinding services North of Sydney

Benefits of Stump Grinding

There are many benefits in the stump grinding service provided by King Kong Tree services. Below, you can see the main benefits we can offer with our professional stump grinding service. Our tools and know how allow us to do an effective job which ensures stumps are gone for good.

Completely Removes Roots

Allows You to Have Full Flexibility in Future Construction Projects

Gives You Peace of Mind

Increases Available Space

Reduces Safety HazardS

Many homeowners often regret not having their stump properly removed. It may not be an immediate concern, however, it can often ruin future construction plans. As time passes by, stumps can become far more difficult to remove. The ethos of King Kong Tree services is based on getting things done earlier before tree problems become more complex.

Complete Removal of Stump Roots

We make sure to completely eradicate the root so that you can have total assurance. This means you can begin plans to renovate your garden, and it leaves the door open to construction projects in the future. The last thing any homeowner wants is a stubborn stump that’s difficult to remove, one that becomes a safety hazard for children, and one that has begun to rot.

King Kong Tree Services can perform a full stump inspection, and give you a full review of your options. Our friendly team can explain all the steps in detail, and you can contact us for a no-obligation quote

tree stump grinding services North of Sydney

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