Tree Removal

When a tree becomes diseased or a safety hazard it often needs to be removed. The removal of a tree is always a decision that’s not to be taken lightly. King Kong Tree Services can advise you of whether a removal is absolutely necessary or if other measures can be taken. We provide professional tree removal services to all areas of the Central Coast and Hunter regions of NSW.

Tree Removal Services

In some cases, the removal of a tree will be required if it poses any danger to people or property. Removing a tree is never an easy task, our team are well equipped to handle every type of tree removal. Our approach focuses on being effective and having a safety first mentality. We know there are many reasons why trees need to be removed. Some of these can be sudden such as a storm causing the breakdown of a tree. Our expert team always complete a full inspection of the tree and surrounding area to reach the best decision. The priority is always on safety and meeting the requirements of the client.

tree removal requires the best equipment and staff who can adapt to new situations. Our friendly and personable team always communicate with the client throughout the process. This means you benefit from a tree removal service that provides you with piece of mind.

Signs You Need a Tree Removed

The reasons for needing a tree removed can be complex or simple. Often, a tree may simply be diseased or be causing a significant hazard to you and your surrounding neighbours and property. However, there can be other lesser known reasons for needing removal. These include reducing risk to electrical wires, protecting foundations, and ensuring that drainage systems are fully protected against any roots. Below are some of the key signs that often point to needing a tree removed sooner rather than later.

  • Dying Tree
  • Tree Suffering From Serious Disease
  • Weather Damaged Tree
  • Tree in Close Proximity to Property or Other Buildings
  • Tree is Posing a Safety Hazard

Tree Sickness

Sickness can sometimes be hard to spot in a tree, and there are a variety of reasons why trees tend to get sick. These include;

Decaying due to Old Age

Pests Causing Sickness

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