Tree Pruning and Maintenance

At King Kong Tree Services, we understand the presence of trees is important for local communities. Trees can be hugely beneficial in terms of aesthetics and environmental benefits. However, when they are not taken care of, they can also become huge safety hazards. One of the best ways to ensure that a tree remains safe is by keeping it well maintained through pruning. We are a reliable provider of corrective maintenance for trees on the Central Coast and Hunter Region.

When Do Trees Need Pruning

There are many reasons why trees need pruning, and these are usually based on safety and looks. We specialize in providing pruning services to the entire. Below, are some of the signs to look out for that point to a tree in urgent need for pruning.

  • Getting Rid of Diseased Branches
  • Removing Branches Which Have Become Safety Hazards
  • When Trees Get In The Way of Buildings
  • If a Tree Directly Crosses a Property Boundary
  • Reshape the Balance of a Tree to Make it Look More Appealing
  • Lower Branches Being a Hazard Young Children

Signs That a Tree is Damaged

A damaged tree can cause serious safety issues, and therefore it needs to be looked at straight away. Trees can get damaged for a number of reasons. This includes the normal aging process, as well as certain diseases. Physical damage, such as that caused by heavy storms, can also be substantial. Below, we list some of the most common signs that allude to a tree being damaged.

  • Unusual Bridges
  • Running Sap on Bark
  • The appearance of Bark Fungus
  • Dropping Branches and Leaves out of Season

Benefits of Pruning

There are many benefits to regularly maintaining a tree through pruning. Often, pruning means that issues can be dealt with before they escalate into serious hazards. It’s easier to address the warning signs than to tackle serious disease or serious health hazards that may have developed. King Kong Tree Services is dedicated to finding problems in the early stages and dealing with them in an effective manner to ensure the long-term health of a tree. We are able to inspect all trees in the Central Coast and Hunter area. You can see some of the key benefits of pruning below:

Aids in the Development of Strong Trees

Early Pruning Means Mature Trees will Require Less Maintenance

Trees Can Become Safer

Pruning Can Significantly Enhance Aesthetics Even for Older Trees

Regardless of how old the tree is, King Kong Tree Services is dedicated to providing a professional service which can leave you smiling in the shade of a healthy and safe tree. Get in touch today for a free consultation, or to ask any questions on how our pruning services can be of use to you.  Our friendly staff are waiting for your call, and our team is on standby to complete a free inspection.

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