Why a Crane Is the Best Machine to Remove Unwanted Trees – What to Know

For some big jobs, such as removing unwanted gum trees from your property, you need a big machine like a crane to do it right. It makes the work go by much quicker and you’ll end up with better results than if you had chosen to do it yourself. Using a crane is also much safer and more cost-effective when compared to other methods since you’ll probably need fewer tools to complete the task.

Now, you might be asking, “Where do I find a crane?” Fortunately, there are professionals you can call for this exact situation like us. In this article, we’ll go over what crane tree removal professionals can do to address your tree removal needs. Keep on reading to find out more.

Reasons to hire a tree removal company that specialises in using cranes to remove trees

First, let’s go over why a professional tree removal company is ultimately the better choice for removing unwanted trees from your property.

  1. Cranes can easily access hard-to-reach areas – One definite advantage of using a crane is that it can be maneuvered to tackle any tree. You won’t have to rely on ladders and complex scaffolding to help you reach the treetops or branches that might be in awkward places.
  2. The process is quick and easyDue to their sheer size and power, cranes are more effective at handling taller trees that may be impossible to cut down by hand.
  3. Big trees can be dangerous to remove manually – Perhaps the most important reason to hire a professional tree removal service is that it’s much safer to use the right equipment than to rely on your own hands.
crane tree removal services
Would have been impossible to remove this tree without a crane.

How a tree removal company will help you

When you hire the services of a tree removal company, they generally have four steps to go through before completion. These are in order, as follows:

  1. Site visit – After contacting the company, they will schedule a suitable time to visit the property and see what they’ll be dealing with.
  2. Planning – This step will usually happen during the site visit itself. During this time, the tree removal team will assess your needs and formulate a suitable plan of action to tackle every tree that needs to be removed. This is also the time when any safety measures will be decided on. Also, you will probably come to an agreement on the total cost of the service at this stage.
  3. Tree removal – The actual tree removal process will typically commence at a mutually agreeable time and day. This is when the crane – and all other necessary equipment – will finally come into the picture. The tree removal team will first maneuver the crane into position. If needed, a level platform will be set up to provide support to the whole operation.
  4. Cleanup – After all the designated trees have been cut down and removed, the team will finish by clearing the area of any debris that may have been left behind.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the process of tree removal is simple, but it can be made even simpler with the use of a crane and the services of a professional team of experts.

If you’re looking for crane tree removal services in Gosford, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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