3 Benefits of Using Cranes to Remove Trees – What to Know

When a tree poses a danger to its surroundings—from being diseased or from storm damage—it makes sense to have it removed to ensure the safety of the surrounding houses and passersby.

The traditional image of tree felling is a lumberjack hacking away at the trunk. While chainsaws and ladders are still widely used nowadays, tree service companies have now come to rely on cranes, especially for particular tasks where ladders won’t do the job effectively.

Here are several tasks where cranes are especially useful for tree removal companies. Keep on reading to find out more about the benefits of using cranes to remove trees.

1. They help remove trees safely from residential areas

Because some trees need to be removed from areas with a high density of homes, the tree removal process can cause danger to houses and people nearby. A tree being felled can accidentally crash on a home or hit passersby. With a crane, however, the removal process can be done by cutting the tree in pieces and moving these to a drop zone. Lifting trees over obstacles and tall structures is also an advantage of using a crane to avoid unwanted incidents.

2. They make it easy to move unsound trees

Sometimes, a tree must be removed because it poses a health or safety risk. In cases like these, chances are that the tree might crumble and cause damage even as it’s being removed. Hazardous trees are likely to fall apart and break unexpectedly, which is dangerous to the climber. By using a crane, it helps workers remove trees like these and helps mitigate the possible damage these may cause.

crane tree removal
Couldn’t have taken down this gigantic gum tree without a crane (behind the tree) at Kangy Grove Estate in December 2019.

3. They allow for more efficient work

Cranes take care of the heavy lifting, and workers will only have to coordinate and organize the drop zone. Cranes help them do the job faster onsite. In addition, the use of a crane helps the ground crew get a good start on cutting the wood into smaller pieces. It is one step out of a painstaking job, which helps the tree removal company become more productive overall.

Wrapping up

The removal of a tree can be a lengthy process, but it will be made more efficient with the use of a crane. Tree removal is hazardous, even with the proper machinery, so it’s necessary for personnel to undergo ample training and preparation. A well-equipped professional will not only be able to make a thorough assessment of the tree, but they will also know details like crane placement and stabilization.

Here at King Kong Tree and Garden Services we invested in our equipment and purchased a Tree-Mek crane bit which we place on our digger to help with tree removal. This makes jobs flow incredibly quick once heavy parts of a felled tree are on the ground in the drop zone because the grapple looking bit move tree trunks and large branches where required easily.

If you’re looking for crane tree removal services in Gosford or the Central Coast of NSW, contact us for a consultation today and see how we can best help your needs.

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