4 Reasons Why You Should Cut down Dying Trees – What to Know

Trees are Mother Nature’s gifts to us, and are an essential part of our ecological system. They do not only beautify our surroundings, but they also provide us with oxygen, food, shade, and even shelter for animals. However, old and dying trees can be such a menace not only to your property but to the entire neighbourhood as well.

If the trees in your property have been there for many years and appear to be not in good shape and condition any longer, then it’s a logical move to cut them down as soon as possible before they can cause potential harm to your house or the surrounding ones.

If you are putting off the thought of cutting down your dying trees, here are four reasons to consider otherwise:

1. They pose potential dangers

Old and dying trees can easily be impacted by rain, windstorms, and other harsh weather conditions. When they get swayed by heavy wind, their branches or the whole thing might fall off and hit your home and other properties in the neighbourhood.

The worst thing that can happen is if they hit people, causing injuries and possibly life-threatening situations. If you see your trees leaning and moving quite a bit under the pressure of small gusts of wind, then the trees may be dangerous. It then may be time to contact an expert to get the tree cut down and removed.

2. They become an eyesore

Old and dying trees do not have an appealing look to them because they most likely have fewer leaves on their decaying branches. These trees can be such an eyesore that can distract the visual appeal of the neighbourhood and can significantly decrease the value of your property. In fact, with a well-maintained property that is clear of shrubs and obtrusive trees, you can increase your property value by up to 14 per cent.

Dying Trees at Koolewong
A dying tree we removed recently at Koolewong.


3. They have contagious diseases

Know that dead or dying trees might already have diseases that can contaminate other plants, shrubs, and surrounding trees. They have powdery mildew that is usually developed on branches and trunks, which become susceptible to chlorosis. If you notice your trees losing their lush green colour and becoming yellow or lime green, keep in mind that they might be infected with unknown diseases that can infect live and healthy plants in the general vicinity.

4. They can attract pests

The problem with either dead or dying trees is that they can attract pests that will not make their condition any better. Chances are that these pesky creatures will build nests in these trees that become a home for a family of birds and also rats and termites. These creatures can then migrate the short distance to your yard and home, and the entire neighbourhood and cause harm to others as well.

Final words

Tree-cutting is essential because dying or old trees can pose unknown potential dangers, become an eyesore, have contagious diseases, and attract pests. Know, however, that cutting trees is quite daunting as a task that you cannot perform by yourself.

This is why it’s best to leave tree cutting or removal processes to the experts. These professionals have the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources for an effective and efficient tree cutting or removal project.

If you’re looking for to cut down your dying trees, we’re a tree removal based in Gosford and service the entire Central Coast of New South Wales. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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