5 Reasons Tree Maintenance is Important to Prevent Hazards For Your Home – What to Know

Landscaping is an integral component of any home as it can bring about a plethora of benefits. In addition to enhancing the look and feel of your exterior property, trees are planted in neighbourhoods and public spaces to provide shade, increase privacy, and contribute to the environment overall.

What is the Importance of Tree Maintenance?

Trees can add natural beauty to any setting, and while they may look harmless at first, poor landscape management can detract from your home’s appearance and pose various threats to the surroundings.

Failing to take care of your trees, from pruning to trimming, can lead to the decline of a tree’s health as the weak branches can snap any day, making it an imminent threat to your property. The risk factor can increase exponentially during inclement weather like a storm, transforming a row of healthy-looking trees into a life-threatening hazard.

With that in mind, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to assess the tree’s health and put a professional arborist on speed dial if you spot any defective parts. Nipping the problem at the bud can go a long way in facilitating healthy upkeep for your trees. In turn, this prevents everything from property damage to personal injuries.

Tree maintenance
Some tree maintenance completed at the Grange Hotel in Wyoming.

What are the Benefits of Proper Tree Pruning?

If you’ve been wondering why you need to invest in tree pruning services, we’ve got a few reasons that may convince you. Let’s take a look at how tree pruning and maintenance plays an integral part in household safety:

1. Pruning Promotes New Growth

Pruning trees using proper techniques can strengthen the roots, which increases its ability to withstand harsh weather as the tree’s health is optimal enough to hold up better even during a storm.

It also removes any diseased or dead branches, which mitigates the risk of these dead parts from falling and infecting other areas of the street. These potential hazards can stunt a plant’s growth too, so it’s no surprise that pruning and trimming can also stimulate new, sturdier, and healthier growth for the tree.

2. Pruning Encourages Fruit Production

If you’re caring for trees that produce fruit, pruning them regularly is a must if you want to improve and maximize its fruit production. Dead limbs can attract pests as well, which can create a home for insects which will compromise the tree’s health.

Pruning also makes the roots stronger and encourages the growth of spurs, which increases the chances of producing a bigger yield the following year.

3. Pruning Protects People’s Safety by Removing Dead Branches

In addition to enhancing the cosmetic appeal of your home’s landscape, pruning and maintaining trees are critical to the safety of people and other surrounding property on your land.

Dead branches can infect other areas of the tree and have high chances of breaking easily during high winds, severe storms, or on a normal, sunny day, which can put people at risk. Hazardous branches that grow over the roof of your home or into electric lines can also pose a threat, so pruning is imperative if you want to ensure the safety of the property and your family.

4. Pruning Can Help Treat Disease and Support the Tree’s Overall Health

Dense trees are often a breathtaking sight to behold, but trees that grow thicker than recommended can do more harm than good to their health. Thick canopies with tight leaves and branches can block off the sun from reaching the lower nodes and foliage.

The denseness can also stifle the air circulation, which can promote a breeding ground for different tree diseases. Through pruning, you can promote better sunlight penetration and airflow to treat or mitigate the spread of disease.

5. Pruning Can Beautify Your Landscape

Pruning plays a pivotal role in enhancing the appearance of a tree as it removes dead limbs and uneven sections, creating a more uniformed, well-maintained look. Think of it as a much-needed haircut for the tree.

Good grooming can increase its aesthetic appeal by improving the overall shape of the tree, which can leave improve the cosmetic appearance of a valley, lake, and other natural structures.

To that end, taking care of the health and look of trees can make a world of difference in providing a scenic and safe landscape.

Tree maintenance at Kincumber
Getting rid of some dead branches at Kincumber High School.

When is the Right Time to Prune Trees?

Proper pruning involves knowing the optimal time to conduct maintenance, which is often in autumn. Trees are least susceptible to stress during this dormant season, making it the ideal time for pruning as removing branches will not cause as much damage to the tree.

Less sap is lost within this timeframe, which also reduces the risk of unwanted insects and fungus settling in and spreading throughout the tree. Of course, certain species of trees require different approaches and timing for proper pruning. That’s why hiring a professional arborist is a must. Tree maintenance is a complex process that requires industry knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment for the job to get done properly and safely for the first time.

Conclusion: Tree Maintenance is Crucial to the Safety of the Community

As mentioned above, pruning trees is essential to its health and the safety of the environment. Leaving dead branches and overgrown foliage can leave the tree open to diseases, which can stunt its growth and leave it vulnerable to pest infestations.

Weak branches can also snap anytime—whether it is under stress from harsh weather conditions or is at the end of its life. Pruning also requires more than rudimentary knowledge as it involves having a good understanding of which cuts require dressing versus areas in the tree that can be left open.

Seeing as varieties of trees respond to pruning differently, it’s wise to call a tree service specialist as they will know how and when to prune a tree using proper techniques and equipment. A qualified tree expert will also have the ability to identify potential issues accurately and know the best areas to make the cuts.

If you are looking for comprehensive tree maintenance services in Gosford, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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